MINI BACCHUS - Last 15 castings available!


The last 50 copies of this long mane version are now available! We have a handful of castings in stock and ready for shipping, but most of the 50 copies will be cast per order. This means there will be a small wait with the shipping.

You can choose a payment in full or the usual deposit + balance type of payment deal. In addition to these, I'm also offering the following time payment option: 3 equal payments, each due 30 days apart from each other. Please note that the TP price is 8 EUR higher than other payment types.

EU-customers, please note that at the moment I don't have stock in Finland. This is simply because it's a limited edition and it is impossible for me to know beforehand how many of the 50 will be shipping to EU countries. EU orders will start shipping in March 2024 the earliest.

Prices and all other info can be found from his page by clicking the image above :)

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