Eri-Ukko Shipping Status

Below is a list of 40 ERI-UKKO orders that were recently shipped and will be shipping next. To secure the privacy of each customer I have used the invoice numbers instead of names or initials. To find out your invoice number, please check the PDF invoice sent to you at the time of the purchase/deposit.

The list contains both EU and non-EU orders. The orders have been listed, and will be shipped, in the same order they were made.If you can't find your invoice nuber on the list it means your order is shipping later than these. Orders that have been shipped are eventually moved off the list.

Please do not send any payment before I have requested it. Even if you can see your number on this list, it does not necessarily mean it is ready to ship.

If your order has been marked with "deposit", it means final payment has not yet been requested. If the final payment has been requested, the status is "waiting for payment". If your order has been marked this way and you have not received an email from me, please contact me as soon as possible.

Also note that the invoice number refers to an order, and the order sizes can vary. For example, 3 orders before your order does not necessarily mean 3 castings of Ukko. The number of castings Jolt Studios is having to prepare can be much higher than the number of orders in the queue.


June 16th 2022: All orders have been cast and are being shipped as they get paid


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