Heritage - the Morgan Stallion!

Heritage was my second original sculpture released in resin!
He is slightly larger than normal traditional (1:9) measuring approximately 25cm high and 30cm long (9.8"x11.8") and 17cm (6.7") to the withers. Heritage portrays an old type Morgan stallion.

This was an open edition available from 1st of March until 31st of October. Heritage was molded and cast by Mountain View Studios in hollow cast resin with wire reinforcements.


Gallery of the Original Sculpture

Gallery of a Resin Cast

Gallery of Painted Ones


Unpainted copies of HERITAGE are intended to be finished by the customer. This includes all forms of applied finishes as well as alteration/customization.

I, Emilia Kurila, provide to the customer a limited, non-exclusive license of the right to photograph or videotape my work for the sole purpose of promotion, sales or photo showing of said work.

I reserve all rights for reproduction of HERITAGE, including derivative works. No reproduction, in whole or in part, of any of my sculptures is allowed.

All text & images © Emilia Kurila