Long Mane Version!

This is the long mane version of MINI BACCHUS, a completely new sculpture based on the idea of my first original sculpture released in resin! Back in 2012 I sculpted Bacchus, a 1:9 scale draft stallion, and started my business. Bacchus will always have a place in my heart as my "first born", but I felt it was time to revisit the idea behind Bacchus, as well as finally offer my supporters something in a "smaller scale".

Mini Bacchus is approximately 1:17 scale (1:16-1:18 depending on the breed assignement), measuring 10 cm tall at the withers and 14,2 cm to the tip of the ear. His overall length is approximately 19cm (from raised leg to the furthest point of the tail). Mini Bacchus isn't a mini in the sense of the scale, but because he is a small version of the bigger 2012 Bacchus. His scale falls between Venti and Classic, similar to the draft horses of the CollectA series.

This LONG MANE version is a limited edition of 100 copies (90 + 10 artist's copies). Molding and casting is done by Jolt Studios in the finest quality. The resin copies will be solid with wire reinforcements.

Photos of this long mane version can be viewed in the Flickr album, which you can access by clicking the gallery banner below.

You can find all the info about this edition on this page. Please read them carefully before placing an order.



How to Order

This edition is sold in batches of 20, 20 and 50 copies.
You can see the status of each batch below:

Batch No.1: SOLD OUT
Batch No.2: SOLD OUT
Batch No.3: 15 castings still avaibale

To make an order simply e-mail me at destrier-models (AT) hotmail.com
You can use the "Contact Vendor" button on MH$P, but I've had issues of not receiving email notifications from MH$P.

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Prices and Payment Details

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You can choose a payment in full or the usual deposit + balance type of payment deal. In addition to these, I'm also offering the following time payment option: 3 equal payments, each due 30 days apart from each other. Please note that the TP price is 8 EUR higher than other payment types.


Shipping costs have been calculated into the prices. When ordering multiple copies I will combine the shipping if these copies are to be shipped together. I will let you know the exact price before invoicing.

Orders from EU countries are shipped from Finland to avoid additional customs fees/taxes to the customer. All other orders are shipped directly from the caster (Jolt Studios) in USA.

We have a handful of castings in stock and ready for shipping, but most of the 50 copies will be cast per order. This means there will be a small wait with the shipping. EU-customers, please note that at the moment I don't have stock in Finland. This is simply because it's a limited edition and it is impossible for me to know beforehand how many of the 50 will be shipping to EU countries. EU orders will start shipping in March 2024 the earliest.


Read the terms below carefully before placing an order.


After receiving the order, you'll have 5 days to inspect it and inform me of any damage or faults. Please make sure you inspect the casting(s) thoroughly as after the 5-day period, I will no longer offer replacements for these castings. In order to get a replacement for damaged or faulty item(s):

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    Please note, that though canceling the order is your right under the EU rules, it will affect your chances to participate in my future sales. I offer a lot of high quality photos of the items I'm selling to ensure the customer sees exactly what they are getting. I consider anyone, who cancels the order despite all the information and photos made available to them, a high risk for my business in future.


    Unpainted copies of MINI BACCHUS are intended to be finished by the customer or by an artist of their choosing. This includes all forms of applied finishes as well as alteration/customization, provided that the original sculptor and alterations made are clearly stated when showing or sharing online the piece in question.

    I, Emilia Kurila, provide to the customer a limited, non-exclusive license of the right to photograph or videotape my work for the sole purposes of promotion, sales or photo showing of that work. Under no circumstances is it allowed to use photos or recordings of my sculptures for commercial purposes without my written consent.

    I retain any and all rights for reproduction of MINI BACCHUS, including derivative works. No reproduction, in whole or in part, of any of my sculptures is allowed.

    When publicly displaying or posting my work online, please state clearly the original sculptor. Tagging my artist profile/pages in social media is highly appreciated, but not required.

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